Friday, March 25, 2011

I survived spring break!

Somehow spring break isn't as fun when you are not a college student or when it is raining 92 hours a day and you are stuck inside with two little boys whose main form of entertainment is making each other scream. We did manage to have quite a bit of fun though despite the weather and temper tantrums. I braved the OMSI with the boys and the masses on Tuesday. We spent most of the time in the Turbine Hall, experimenting with robots, vacuums, and light. I took the kiddos to a clown show at the library despite serious apprehension on my part. It was better than expected although D was more interested in playing on the computers, instead of watching the show, or ahem, looking at the books. This morning I took the boys to Cafe Sip N Play in Vancouver where the kids are gated into a play area and I got to enjoy my coffee and conversation with fellow mom in relative peace. This afternoon we went on a Spring Walk/Photo Shoot. The boys had a great time searching for pine cones (which isn't really that hard in OR) and throwing them at all sorts of targets. D managed to walk two blocks with a stick bigger than him.


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